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Pet-owners and furry friends rejoice!

responsive imageAttention dog-owners, pet policy in Carolina Beach is changing! Soon your family pup will get to experience the joys of salty paws and ocean breezes. Current regulations state leashed dogs are only permitted on beach town limits from Oct. 1 - March 31. Recently, town government announced that once enforcement is in place, dogs with a leash will be welcome on the beach from 5 p.m to 9 a.m throughout the summer! 
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This is great news for our pet-owning guests! Prior limitations prohibited dogs on the beach during peak season - with the exception of Freeman Park, which requires a four-wheel drive vehicle to access. This left many dogs indoors, missing out on the sand and surf. Thanks to the upcoming change, dogs will be able to enjoy the beach at designated times each day! 

Town government has assured the public that the new policy will not take effect until someone is hired to enforce it. We encourage guests to comply with all rules and respect the nature of the island. Sea turtle nests are visibly marked throughout the beach with wooden stakes and brightly colored tape. It's imperative that these nests remain undisturbed, so please be mindful of their presence while walking your dog. Also, be sure to keep a waste bag on you at all times to clean up after your furry friend. Compliance will encourage town officials to continue this policy for next summer!

We now have more pet-friendly options than ever and hope more families will consider visiting the area as a result of the change. 
Click here to view a list of our pet-friendly rentals. 

For more information about pet regulations in Carolina Beach visit

A big thanks to Tammy Ebersole for the photos of her sweet rescues, Maverick and Annie!

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